Get Ready for Summer Before it Hits!

1. Inspect and Service your Equipment

Stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators are essential to the operation of your kitchen. With each piece costing thousands of dollars, make sure that you take care of your equipment by cleaning and servicing it. Get our 3 top-tips for prolonging the life of your commercial refrigerator here, and learn about our 4 essential tips for commercial dishwasher maintenance here. Don’t forget that your equipment is similar to a car and needs a regular service as well, so make sure to look after it and give your kitchen equipment the care that it needs so that you get a long life out of it. More articles equipment cleaning and handy checklists coming soon…

2. Conduct a “Spring Clean”

“If it has wheels, it is meant to move.”

Kitchens are oily hot places, so make sure to spring clean everywhere including the walls, shelves, the sides of equipment and more. There is a rule that is very good to keep in mind here – if it has wheels, it is meant to move. So, check your equipment, counters and fridges for wheels and if they have wheels, pull it out and give the floor and the sides of the equipment a good scrub. The last thing you want during the busy summer period is equipment failures due to cockroach infestations, or dusty and blocked . Have a look for filters and anything else that may need replacing such as door seals and rubber gaskets, check them and replace them if needed.
Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Photo courtesy of innovative o.s.

3. Clean your Kitchen Exhaust System

This is important as grease fires are devastating, and more common than we wish to believe. Grease build-up in exhaust systems are the leading cause of kitchen fires, and leaving your exhaust system dirty and greasy during the busy period is asking for trouble. Get a professional exhaust system cleaner to come in and clean the entire system properly. As you can see from the exhaust system diagram the system is complex and needs someone with professional experience to ensure it is clean and grease free.

Exhaust System Diagram courtesy of Lotus Filters

4. Clean the Kitchen Canopy A professional exhaust system cleaner will be clean your canopy as well and the exhaust system. Often grease and oils get trapped in your canopy where you can’t see it and can ignite causing tonnes of damage to your kitchen and maybe you as well. So, make sure to keep your employees and yourself safe by cleaning and ensuring that grease build up is minimal. Have a read of four facts about grease fires you need to know.

5. Conduct a Sanity Check on Plug Loads

Sometimes you just run out of plugs and your sockets get overloaded. Use this time to do a safety check of all your plugs and extension cords to ensure that they are not overloaded, frayed or damaged in any way. We always go by the safety-first rule because being in a kitchen with boiling water, hot oil, heavy duty equipment and electrical currents, is hazardous and ensuring the safety of your colleagues, friends and family should be a number one priority.
Photo courtesy of Plymouth Sparky

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