Equipment Management & Maintenance

In The Palm Of Your Hand

Equipment Management And Maintenance

In The Palm Of Your Hand

How Does mendr Work?

Watch this 60 second video to find out!

Why should you download the mendr app?

instantly book a technician

view your mendr equipment repair history

all invoices emailed

transparent, upfront pricing

24/7 repairs available

On top of all these great features…

Book through the app or online and save $20 every time!

Who is mendr?

Having been around for 17+ years working in the corporate side, we have worked hard to find the best and most reliable technicians in Australia.

We know what it’s like when your dishwasher leaves dishes dirty, or your fridge gets all hot and sweaty. Equipment failure is stressful AND finding a tech that will be there when you need them is even more stressful! (hello grey hair)

So if you are scrambling to find a technician, hoping a tech will show up, or you just don’t know where to go.

You have come to the right place!

Download the mendr App and Stress Less About Commercial Equipment Breakdowns