Want to be a mendr technician?

We handle your sales, admin, and more!

We handle the business side, and give you more time to do what YOU do best!

  • Maintain a steady flow of work

    We have a larger reach and presence within the market, so you don’t have to advertise or promote your business.

  • Keep up-to-date with paperwork

    You complete a job, we send the invoice to the customer for you and make sure you get paid.

  • Reduce customer calls

    We manage the relationship with the customer through real time updates and notifications on their jobs, reducing the calls you get from customers, allowing you to get back to what you do best.

  • Manage payments

    We only take credit card payments, which means you get paid on time, every time without needed to chase anyone for payment.

  • Always be on top of work

    With smart reminders and clear communication you will always know when you need to be somewhere and what you have to do.

  • Manage everything from your phone

    Our app allows you to accept jobs, start jobs, create quotes and have them signed off, and more. We are constantly improving our technology to make your life easier.

How Can You Get Started?

  • Apply Online.

    The application is quick and easy, simply fill out the form and we will get back to you.

  • Get Verified.

    We verify your identity and accreditations, then get you set up on the mendr tech app.

  • Start Working.

    Once you are approved and set up, you are ready to go!

What do you need to become a mendr tech?

Trust, safety and customer experience is important to us, so we require the verification of your identity and accreditations.

  • Technician Accreditation

    You have all the appropriate training and accreditation to fix commercial kitchen equipment and/or refrigerators.

  • Workers Compensation

    As a mendr partner, you will need to have workers compensation as we are essentially providing you with the technology and jobs to help you get more work and be more efficient in the admin tasks.

  • A Drivers Licence

    We need to double check who you are and of course you will need a car and license to get around.

  • Public Liability Insurance

    Again as you are a partner of mendr, you will need to have your own public liability insurance.

Learn more about the mendr Tech App.

Manage everything from your phone;

  • Set up the area where you want to work
  • Accept/reject jobs
  • Start jobs (automatically notifying the customer you are on your way)
  • Complete jobs (automatically sending the customer an invoice and collecting payment)
  • Get notified when a quote has been approved (you can then order parts and schedule a return date with the customer. All the while knowing you will be paid.)

We are always working on improving our app and invite all our users to help us make it better!

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Ready To Apply?

Let mendr get you more work, handle all your paperwork, and get you paid on time - every time!

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