Australian cuisine is easily some of the finest in the world and many of the restaurants that you can find across the country are true trendsetters in worldwide cuisine. There are a number of trends that restaurants across Australia are currently obsessing over and here are some of the biggest food trends that can be reflected in your restaurant menu or at home:

Mocktails are on the rise:

many people are cutting alcohol out of their lives and with the clean eating movement, the use of mocktails is on the rise considerably. This means picking up items like beer with reduced alcohol, wine and spirits with reduced alcohol and even creating mock tails. The idea of sitting on a patio enjoying an alcohol free daiquiri is something that many are seeking in their dining experiences today!

Want Mocktail Recipes?

A quick Google Search will bring up more recipes that you can imagine.

However we found a few collections here that might be a good place to start:

  1. 23 Delicious Non-Alcoholic Cocktails To Drink Instead Of Booze
  2. The 30 Best Mocktail Recipes

Image courtesty of town and country mag

Creative Meat Substitutes

many restaurants are perfecting vegetarian and vegan dishes and even taking traditional meals and substituting the meat. Vegetarian burgers, schnitzel and more are all recipes that have added more variety for vegetarians than ever before.

Have a read of : 21 Meat Alternatives You Should Be Cooking With

Meals Healthy for Digestion

Fermented ingredients, high nutrient greens and more are being considered in recipes and chefs are often building meals that are designed to be healthier for digestion and balance. A healthier meal and a more balanced diet creates more menu options for those trying to focus on wellness.

Reducing Waste in Cooking

many restaurants are taking on a more environmental initiative and there are a number of items that are commonly discarded in food that can actually serve as excellent ingredients in some recipes. Creating dishes with the pickled stems and leaves of carrots, some flavor creations with watermelon rind and more are leading to less waste and very interesting dishes.

Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash

Keep some of these top food trends in mind throughout Australia for the year 2018 and consider trying out a few of them for yourself.

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