Looking after your commercial dishwasher is important to ensuring the maximum life of your equipment and ensuring you don’t have to replace expensive parts or the entire unit.

Limescale build up in your dishwasher can cause irreparable damage, have a look at some of the images below which shows a dishwasher that hasn’t been descaled or cleaned properly.

They grey looking sludge that you can see is the buildup of limescale. This buildup of limescale damages parts in your dishwasher which means unexpected and expensive repair costs. In this case the damage was so bad that the wash and rinse arms needed to be replaced, and the dishwasher needed a new boiler tank.

Some of the implications of limescale buildup include sanitation issues – the limescale can build up around the heating element acting as an insulator and decreasing the machines ability to reach the correct temperatures needed for proper sanitisation. Limescale buildup can also lead to mineral deposits building up on your dishware leaving white/grey looking marks/film.

What causes limescale buildup?

The water hardness. Water hardness is the amount of minerals in the water. The “harder” the water, the more minerals are in found in it, and the hardness of the water is dependent on where you live.

When the water evaporates from inside your machine mineral deposits are left inside your machine, leaving the limescale buildup.

What is the solution?

  1. Make sure you wash, clean and maintain your dishwasher daily. Learn more in our blog – Prolong the life of your commercial dishwasher with these 8 steps.
  2. Regularly descale your machine
  3. If you live in an area with hard water look to have water softening system installed.

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