Why Commercial Dishwasher Maintenance Is More Important Than You Think

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A commercial dishwasher can be one of the most important pieces of restaurant equipment that you can invest in. Regular maintenance and repairs are required to keep it up and running over time.

A broken dishwasher inside your restaurant can actually serve as a huge hindrance for a kitchen and the overall dining experience.

It’s important to consider capacity as well as continued, regular maintenance on your commercial dishwasher. Regular maintenance for a dishwasher is important to ensure consistency; here are a few key considerations for purchase and commercial dishwasher maintenance:

It needs to scale with your restaurant: making sure that you can easily cover dinner service means having the right size dishwasher for your establishment. Something that can only run a plate setting for ten could be completely useless for a large-scale restaurant with a dining room that seats hundreds. Scaling your equipment alongside your restaurant is crucial for efficiency.

A broken commercial dishwasher serves as a giant bottleneck: If a dishwasher is running less efficiently than before, this can lead to an entire restaurant slowing down. As soon as dish staff have to run plates two or three times in order to get them clean, or they have to resort to hand washing the dishes; a kitchen can be significantly slowed down, especially during rush periods. A broken commercial dishwasher or an inefficient dishwasher means that the kitchen slows down, the service slows down and dishes continue to pile up making the process of closing and cleaning, much longer and costly.

It reduces customer experience: a broken dishwasher can lead to plates that are improperly sterilised, slow service times and more. As your customer service is ultimately the mark of your restaurant and it will dictate whether or not people return, you should consider regular maintenance or equipment replacement in order to make sure that your customer service rating remains high.

Keep these thoughts in mind when you consider maintenance on your commercial dishwasher and don’t be shy to upgrade equipment as needed. Because as we all know, the customer experience is key to a successful business.

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