Want your commercial refrigerator to stay working at top efficiency? Make sure you read these 6 tips.

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Your commercial refrigerator is an item that needs to work at top efficiency to properly service your restaurant, café or hospitality establishment. With the help of a commercial refrigerator working at top efficiency you can avoid food spoilage, save on energy costs and costs associated with repairs.

Here are some of the best ways that you can improve the efficiency of your commercial refrigerator:

Make sure there is enough room for the cool air to circulate: If your refrigerator is absolutely jampacked it will often have to work much harder to circulate the cool air, reducing the efficiency of your fridge. Make sure not to push items right to the back or sides of the fridge, as this prevents the cool air from circulating around the product in the fridge.

Make sure there is enough room around your commercial refrigerator: Make sure that you don’t place a commercial refrigerator next to warm cooking equipment, such as a deep fryer or oven as this will negatively affect the efficiency of your equipment. Your refrigerator expels heat into the external environment so positioning your refrigerator in a cool room or environment is preferable. Another handy tip is to ensure that there is enough room around the outside of the unit for air to circulate. Like a domestic washing machine or tumble dryer, a commercial refrigerator needs to have adequate “breathing” space or ventilation around the outside of the unit itself. In hot and/or humid environments, especially when you have heat sources close by, your refrigerator will be less efficient as it has to work harder and for longer to keep your product cold. (Read: Commercial Mixer Repairs)

Switch out your lighting: LED lights are cool to the touch because they don’t produce heat, which means your refrigerator doesn’t have to work as hard to cancel out the heat emitted from your lights. LEDs also use less energy than florescent tubes, so they work well in refrigeration equipment to reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing your electricity bill. Have a look at your refrigerator and investigate the possibility of getting any old bulbs replaced with LEDs.

Regular cleaning and servicing: your commercial refrigerator is like a car and needs care and maintenance to operate efficiently and effectively. How and where your refrigerator is used will determine how often you need to clean and professionally service it. As a basic guide you should aim to professionally service your fridge once every six months (a professionally qualified refrigeration technician will be able to recommend a service schedule suitable to your requirements).

Inspect the doors often: damaged or torn door seals (otherwise known as gaskets) or a misaligned door could lead to the cold air escaping from the unit. Condensation and/or moisture build up on the bottom shelves is often a telltale sign of cold air escaping or hot air entering your refrigerator.

Upgrade when necessary: commercial refrigeration technology has come a long way even over the last 10 years and the latest energy-efficient products can be up to 85% more efficient than products produced a decade ago. Spending a bit of money upfront to upgrade equipment could help you save money in the long run.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind on saving money and improving reliability with your commercial refrigeration needs.

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