Troubleshooting Chip Freezer Units

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Many Fast Food or Quick Service Restaurants have a specific freezer unit for chips.

Chips freezers can come in many different forms, and can also be called a blast chiller. These units typically have 2 refrigerated components; a drawer and a shelf area. Typically, the shelf areas is used to store bags of chips and the drawer is used to store/dump chips out of the bag, ready for frying.

Top Tips For Maintenance

1. Always make sure to close the freezer doors or drawers promptly. If the freezer is left open for too long ice can build up in the drawer or shelf, which will affect the storage capacity and the efficiency of the freezer.

2. If a piece of equipment has wheels – it means that it is meant to move. Often food and chips that have been dropped on the floor gets accidentally kicked under the bench or unit. It is important that you pull out the unit and clean under and behind it to remove all the food.

3. Take care when opening and closing the doors or drawers of the chip freezer to avoid potential damage. Make sure you use the handles and avoid grabbing the door seals. Door seals are important to keeping cold air in and hot/warm air out, so any damage to the door seals will affect the efficiency of your unit. Slamming drawers can damage the runners that the drawers slide on and damage hinges, again effecting the efficiency of the unit and costing you money in the long run.

4. Ensure you check the freezer temperature in the morning and afternoon to ensure that it is working properly.

5. Your freezer should be turned off overnight once a week to allow the motor and compressor to cool down, defrost and recover from being on and working hard continuously. Make sure that you empty the freezer of all product and place it into another working freezer, turn the power off, place wet floor signs around the freezer, break up defrosted ice and pour it down the sink, wipe and sanitise the trays, doors, seals etc. and then mop the floor to dry the area.

6. When you turn the freezer off, make sure to clean the condenser, check and clean the door seals, and ensure that the evaporator pan and drain hole are clear. Check out our 3 Top Tips for Extending the Life of your Commercial Refrigerator post to learn more about cleaning your unit.

Troubleshooting Guide

My freezer is running too hot

Firstly make sure that the freezer is not pushed up directly against a wall. The freezer need space around it in order to circulate air. Then make sure to check that all the doors have been closed properly, if they are make sure that the seals are clean, working properly and are in good condition. If you have checked the doors, have a look at the fan and coil to ensure there is no ice-build-up. If there is ice build-up, put the freezer on a manual defrost. Lastly check the ventilation grill is free of dust and any other debris.

If you have tried everything above and the temperature gauge is still saying the freezer is too hot. Double check the internal temperature with a thermometer to ensure there is no issue with the temperature gauge/thermostat.

If you find any issues that you can’t fix on your own, always call in a qualified technician to have a look at your unit. Make sure that you tell your technician what is wrong and what you have done to try and troubleshoot it, sometimes this can help your technician to bring the tools and equipment he needs to fix it in one visit.

My freezer isn’t turning on

Check that the freezer is plugged in and turned on, perhaps someone has accidently switched it off when cleaning. If the power is connected and turned on, double check that the freezer hasn’t tripped the power. If there is no issue here, check the wires to make sure they are intact and not frayed or torn Most manufacturers warn users to never use extension cords for their commercial fridges, as use of the cords will void the warranty. Make sure that you follow the manufacturers guidelines to make sure that you don’t void the warranty.

Still not sure what is wrong? Call out a qualified technician to see what is wrong with unit.

My freezer lights aren’t on

Sometimes a light in your freezer aren’t working. In this case, have a look at the lights, they might just need replacing. If you need to replace a bulb make sure to order one that is approved by the manufacturer, as you may run the risk of burning out the electrical sockets for the lights which means you will have to spend more money to fix it.

When everything else fails

Make sure to call a qualified technician. If you don’t know one, then book a mendr tech online at

If your refrigerator is still under warranty, make sure to check the warranty details to make sure any repair you or a third party performs won’t void the warranty.

Maintenance plans offered by a certified commercial refrigerator repair services can ensure your appliance runs smoothly and doesn’t have a malfunction at a time when you’ll be inconvenienced. Regular maintenance on freezers will help minimise larger repair issues in the future.

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