Coolroom Maintenance Checklist

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A large piece of equipment, coolrooms are something that can get neglected when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Which is why we have put together this coolroom maintenance checklist, which should help you to keep it your coolroom working efficiently and effectively.

First thing is first – always read your manual and follow the manufacturers recommended maintenance plans.

Below we have complied 3 coolroom maintenance checklists to help you.

Daily Coolroom Maintenance Checklist

  • Check and record the temperature of the unit. Use an external thermometer and compare the reading to the internal thermometer to ensure that there are no cooling issues.
  • Stock take the coolroom, removing and throwing away all out of date produce or food.
  • Visually inspect floors, shelves and walls to ensure they are clean and free from food, mould, water or other spillages.
  • Check how much stock is in the unit and make sure there is sufficient room around products to allow the cool air to move freely around the coolroom.

Weekly Coolroom Maintenance Checklist

  • Wipe down all surfaces including walls, shelves and floors with mild detergent. Be careful using harsh chemicals as they may erode/damage the surfaces.
  • Whilst wiping down the coolroom, check for any stains, leaks or other issues. Record any issues and if there are recurring stains, leaks or other issues it may be time to call a professional refrigeration technician to check over your coolroom.
  • Check door hinges or rollers, and door seals for damage such as rips or tears to the door seals. Make sure to wipe down the seals whilst inspecting them. If your door doesn’t seal or close properly, this can lead to your coolroom over working as warm air seeps into room, causing higher electricity bills and disrupting the climate control. Whilst electricity bills are a concern, food safety and keeping it your product at a food safe temperature is a primary concern as you don’t want to make your customers ill.

6 Monthly Coolroom Maintenance Checklist

The actual number of month between servicing will vary depending on the use of your unit – if you have your manual handy it should provide you with details on the service frequency. However a 6 month schedule is a typical planned maintenance schedule and would suit the majority of situations.

At this 6 month service point you should look to get a professional refrigeration technician out to conduct a professional service on the coolroom.

During this call out, you can specifically ask the technician to:

  • Check and clean the evaporator and condenser
  • Check and clean all fans and vents

You shouldn’t try to conduct the above checks yourself as these areas can be dangerous and hard to get to. It’s best left to a trained professional who knows what they are doing.

Need further assistance with coolroom or other refrigeration repairs or servicing?

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