Top Tips for Preventing Mould Growth in your Coolroom

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Mould growth in a coolroom is a big NO NO! For hygiene and health and safety reasons it is important to ensure your cool room is clean and free from mould. Mould can cause a health risk, with many people being allergic to mould spores. In large quantities it will make most people very ill. So the last thing you want and need is your staff or customers getting sick. Luckily, following a few easy and safe practices you can prevent mould from forming.

Here are 6 Tips for Mould Prevention

1. Inspect the door seals – when warm/hot air gets into your coolroom mould can start to grow. Make sure that your coolroom has tight seals. If it does have good working seals and you still have mould, that may be an indication that there may be an issue somewhere else in the coolroom and it is time to call a professional refrigeration technician to come and service your unit and diagnose the issue.

2. Keep it clean – make sure all food spills are cleaned up quickly, and make sure to give the walls and shelves of your coolroom a wipe down every week to ensure cleanliness. Warm water and mild soap or detergent will do to clean the walls – be careful with any harsh chemicals as it may damage the interior.

3. Discard of all outdated food quickly. Once mould spores are present it is hard to get rid of them. So make sure food is dated and regularly checked to ensure it isn’t out of date.

4. Avoid using or storing paper or cardboard in your coolroom as paper and cardboard absorb moisture causing mould to grow. Moving fruit and vegetables from cardboard boxes into plastic crates instead will help the produce stay fresher for longer.

5. Avoid using wood in your coolroom as wood also absorbs moisture, providing a nice place for mould to grow.

6. Watch for excess moisture build up in your coolroom. This could be condensation on the walls or pools of water on the ground which can lead to mould growth. However, more importantly, this may be an indication of another issue with your coolroom. We suggest contacting a professional refrigeration technician for a diagnosis so that they can identify any repairs needed.

As with all commercial kitchen equipment it is important to conduct a regular planned maintenance service on your coolroom to ensure that it is clean, safe and running efficiently.

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