3 Common Problems a Refrigeration Mechanic in Perth Can Fix

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Imagine opening up your restaurant getting ready for the busy day ahead. You open up your refrigerator only to be hit by an awful smell. Your fridge failed overnight and all the meat and veggies inside are spoiled. Every Perth Restaurant depends on a working refrigerator. If it fails due to lack of maintenance or an accident, it would cripple the business operation and can result in a huge loss of profit. You will need to call for a commercial refrigerator repairs service as soon as possible. For an on-demand refrigeration mechanic, Perth’s leading choice is mendr, the trusted commercial kitchen equipment repairs company in the country.

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3 Common Problems a Refrigeration Mechanic Can Fix

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs in Perth for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and businesses

It is important that you keep your refrigerator in good working condition with a routine maintenance. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and your refrigerator can break down over time. You will experience a lot of issues and it is best if you have an idea of what causes them. So here are some of the most common problems our refrigeration mechanics encounter.

  1. Fridge is not cooling.

This is probably the worst refrigerator problem that you can experience. After all, the primary use of a fridge is to freeze your ingredients and keep them fresh before serving. Some of the most common causes include a faulty door gasket or dirty condenser coils. The door gasket ensures that your fridge is airtight. If it is broken, the cold air from the fridge leaks. A dirty condenser makes it difficult for your fridge to produce a lower temperature. More advanced causes include faulty wiring and refrigerant leak. For these, you need an expert refrigeration mechanic to repair your fridge.

  1. Fridge makes weird noises.

Most modern commercial refrigerators are virtually noiseless. A fridge that has a louder noise than usual may point to an issue that needs to be repaired. Common sources of loud noises are the condenser fan, the defrost timer and the compressor. Problems with the defrost timer or compressor may, unfortunately, result in part replacement so you need a refrigeration mechanic to check it for you.

  1. Fridge causes a high electricity bill.

Refrigerators can still be one of the biggest consumers of energy in your kitchen, although the newer models have significantly lowered their electric consumption. A malfunctioning refrigerator may use more electricity as it struggles to maintain a cooler temperature. If you see a spike in your electric bill, consult a refrigeration mechanic to figure out the cause of the problem.

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