10 Commercial Fridge Repair Nightmares You Never Want to See Again

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Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in any restaurant kitchen. A broken fridge can result in plenty of problems that can affect your restaurant operation.

Here are 10 commercial fridge repair nightmares that you would never want to experience.

Commercial Fridge Repair

Insects in food

Insects love good food the same as everyone else. Without a commercial fridge to store your food, these pesky invertebrates will enjoy your ingredients before your customers do.

Wet floor

The worst time for a refrigerator to break down is overnight. If you have plenty of ice or frozen food inside, then you will have puddles of water in the morning—a serious hazard that can affect your business operation.

Spoiled food

Ingredients such as meat, seafood and vegetables need a refrigerator to maintain their freshness. With a broken fridge, these ingredients will spoil easily and become a health hazard.

Moulds in fridge

Fungus and bacteria thrive in a warm and moist environment which a broken commercial fridge provides.

High electricity bill

If your refrigerator makes a louder noise than usual, there is a huge chance that the compressor is trying to compensate to reach the right temperature. This issue can result in higher energy consumption and a higher electricity bill.

Cannot store perishables

The best restaurants use fresh ingredients. With a broken refrigerator, you cannot store perishable items like milk, fish and meat products. You may need to buy only what you need per day.

Limited menu items

Another nightmare caused by a broken commercial fridge is limited menu items. Without a fridge, you may not be able to serve dishes made with perishable ingredients.

Cannot prepare sauces, marinades, stocks, etc.

If you have a broken fridge, you and your customers may have to say goodbye to your secret sauce. You won’t be able to store sauces or marinade your meat ingredients if you don’t have a working fridge.

No cold food like salads and desserts

You won’t be able to serve some type of salads, desserts like ice cream and cakes without a refrigerator to set the right temperature.

Loss of profit

Probably the worse commercial fridge repair nightmare of all, a broken fridge for a restaurant business can result in a loss of profit if not addressed immediately.

Don’t let these refrigerator nightmares happen to you. For reliable commercial fridge repair, call us on 1300 811 457 or email us at [email protected].

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