Common Commercial Dishwasher Repair Issues in Melbourne

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The quality of your dishes, cups and cutlery can speak a lot about your restaurant. If your customers notice something off about your dishes, like dirt, blemishes or oiliness, it could affect their dining experience negatively. That is why you need to maintain your dishwashers in perfect working condition.

For busy Melbourne restaurants, the dishwasher is an essential part of the kitchen. This kitchen appliance allows you to wash your dishes without taking too much time. It is always good practice to clean your dishwasher regularly and inspect it for malfunctions before the crucial service time starts. For commercial dishwasher repairs, Melbourne businesses choose mendr, your on-demand commercial equipment repairs company.

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Common Commercial Dishwasher Repair Issues

a mendr mechanic fixes a commercial dishwasher in Melbourne

A typical dishwasher can last for seven to twelve years. Unfortunately, you can start to see some signs of wear and tear in two to three years. Depending on the quality and level of maintenance, at least one in five dishwashers will need repair during this time period. Some dishwasher problems can be fixed rather easily, but others may need specialised assistance from a technician. Wondering when to call an expert? Watch out for these warning signs that point out that your commercial dishwasher in Melbourne needs to be repaired.

  1. Dishwasher does not start. If there are no lights, sounds from the motor or water coming out after turning your dishwasher on, there may be a malfunction with the fuses or circuit breakers. Contact a mendr technician today .
  2. Dishes come out dirty. If the dishes come out greasy or still covered with residue, your dishwasher may be malfunctioning. Call a mendr technician to determine the source of the problem.
  3. Dishwasher produces too much noise. Your dishwasher will produce sounds during operations. If it is producing louder noises than usual, it could point out to several problems. A defective pump, spray arm seal and the sprayer arm itself may be producing the noise. Call a mendr technician to check your dishwasher.

Book mendr Commercial Dishwasher Repairs—Melbourne

If you find your dishwasher showing some of these signs of malfunction, call mendr before it could affect your business. mendr is Melbourne’s on-demand commercial dishwasher repairs service provider. Call us on 1300 811 457 or book us online or via our Apple or Android app. Schedule a mendr technician today!

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