In a fast food restaurant or take away shop, your commercial deep fryer is your best friend. Which means commercial deep fryer maintenance is important, even crucial. Poorly maintained deep fryers can impact the quality of your food, the efficiency of your kitchen, and eventually your profits.

1. Regular oil changes or oil filtering

Old oil can make your food change in taste, can make your food brown faster (making food look cooked when it isn’t), and if your oil is black and smoking that is a definite sign that your oil needs to be changed or filtered.

Changing the oil

Your equipment supplier/manufacturer will be able to assist you in determining the recommended oil change frequency. Other factors such as the heat at which you run your fryer, what you are frying and the volume of product that you produce through the fryer contribute to how regularly you need to change your oil.

Filtering your oil with an external oil filter system

Another option to changing the oil in your fryer is to use an external oil filtration system, otherwise known as an oil filter pump or oil filter system. Oil filtration systems allow you to filter the oil in your deep fryer, almost doubling the life of your frying oil. Oil filtering is a great way to improve the quality of your fried products as well as saving time and money on oil replacement and disposal. Filtering oil is also great for the environment as it reduces the amount of oil that is disposed of.

These filtration systems do require an initial investment upfront, however there are options for finance for commercial equipment. Silverchef offer funding solutions to help you get the equipment you need, click to find out more about how it works here.

2. Calibrate and maintain your deep fryer temperature

During an oil change it’s important to calibrate your unit to ensure efficiency. Calibrating your deep fryer ensures that the thermostat reading matches the temperature of the oil.

Calibrating your unit entails, emptying, changing and then heating the new oil to your desired temperature. Once it has heated insert a digital thermometer into the oil and make sure the temperature readings match on the unit and thermometer. Doing this regularly will help you to pin point when there is something wrong with the thermostat in your deep fryer, and ensures that the deep fryer is heating correctly and working efficiently.

For safety reasons it is always important to ensure the machine isn’t running too hot or too cold because the product won’t heat up/cook your products properly.

3. Keep your deep fryer squeaky clean

Being one of the oiliest and greasiest your deep fryer can be hard to keep clean. However it is highly important to keep it clean and free from excess grease build-up, as excessive grease and oil will become a fire hazard. Ensure to wipe down your fryer daily, especially the area’s under the fryer tank. The baskets should also be washed through the dishwasher, however ensure they are dry before replacing them to avoid splashes/splattering. (Related: Commercial Grill Repairs and Maintenance)

Deep cleaning the unit every 3-6 months is also recommended depending on use.

As your National service provider of commercial kitchen equipment repairs, we can help you to ensure that your deep fryer, refrigerator or stove is running efficiently. From regular maintenance packages to emergency repairs we are here to help you when you need it.


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