In this post we want to highlight some of the dangers of kitchen equpiment and how to protect yourself and your staff from being hurt..

What do you need to be careful of?

Sharp Edges

The edges that you need to be most weary of are the ones that you can’t easily see. Most often the edges that you touch on a dialy basis, such as handles and trays, should be ok.

Below are two images of stainless steel edges. The image on the left has this rolled safety edge which is not sharp or dangerous to touch. The image on the right has straight edges which have not been deburred or rolled, and a soft touch of this edge can leave your hands cut and bleeding because it can be as sharp as a razor blade.

The time to take the most precaution is when you are cleaning or pulling apart equipment. Often these hidden edges are very sharp.

Stainless Seel Safety Edge

Stainless Seel Safety Edge – the steel is rolled to hide the sharp edge.

Straight Edged Stainless Steel – this piece doesn’t have any rolled edges to form a safety edge.


Sometimes corners are not folded or deburred properly, so these can also be sharp, make sure to take care of these as well.

Common Culprits

Often the common culprits are the underside of the grids that hold trays of food in a bain marie. The inside of doors and drawers. The underside or lip of a countertop or shelf.

3 Tips for Preventing Injury

As we mentioned above, the edges of stainless steel can be as sharp as a razor or knife blade.

So here are 3 tips to make sure that you protect yourself and your staff.

1. Inform staff and ensure awareness – make sure that you ensure staff know about the potential risk of sharp edges, and ask them to take precautions.

2. Have a look around and identify any sharp edges – make sure staff are aware of these, and if possible get them deburred to avoid future injuries.

3. Wear thick gloves when cleaning or pulling apart equipment – If you are going to be pulling equipment apart to clean it, as per the manufacturers instructions, then make sure to wear thick gloves to help protect your hands from the sharp edges. A momentary distraction can mean a deep cut that might require stitches.

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