Having the right tools on hand to clean your kitchen equipment makes everyone’s life easier when it comes to cleaning time.

All of these items can be found at  your local hardware store, or at your local grocery store.

15 ITEMS you NEED in your Food Service Maintenance Tool Box

1. Toothbrush

Old toothbrushes can be sanitised and used, and are great for cleaning in nooks and crannies, doors seals and hinges.

2. Paintbrush

Good for cleaning dust off condensers & crumbs out of door seals when clean and dry (not good on greasy condensers or door seals).

If you can get brushed in different sizes that is even better, then you can use the larger brush for larger areas. It just makes things easier.

3. Compact dust pan and brush

Good for picking up dust and food debris from small places.

4. Nylon Scrubbing Brush

Great for larger areas and tiles

5. Wire Brush

Great for cleaning greasy condensers.

Remember only brush condensers in the same direction as the fins.

Learn more about condensers here.

6. Philips Head & Flat Head Screw Drivers

Buy a set with long shafts in a medium size. These are useful when you need to remove screws in hard to reach places such as the cover of an ice maker.

7. Large Sponge

This is good for soaking up water in hard to reach places.

You can buy a cheap sponge (I think you can get a pack of 6 Jumbo Car Sponges from Kmart for $4), or you can get one of those chamois sponges that rapidly soak up water.

8. Large Spoon/Spatula

Good for lifting food scraps out of hard to reach places

9. Stanley Knife

Stanley knifes are useful for removing the plastic coating on stainless steel equipment. This should be completely removed from all stainless steel as it is a place for nasties (aka cockroaches) to hide and breed

10. Small Plunger

Good for unblocking drains

11. Chux Wipes

Or similar disposable cleaning cloths.

12. Gloves, Mask & Apron

Always use these when using any chemicals! Especially any caustic chemicals.

13. Tape Measure

Always handy to have, especially if you need to move equipment or have a new piece of equipment coming.

14. Wet/Dry Vaccum

Not entirely necessary but definitely nice to have. Especially one with a narrow nozzle as it is great for sucking up food scraps from hard to reach places.

14. Regular Cleaning Products

Cleaner, sanitiser, Calcium, lime, rust remover (descaler)

So there are our top 15 items that you should keep in your toolbox for kitchen cleaning.

You can put these items in a tool box, tackle box or something similar, but always remember to clean and sanitise them after use and put them back in the right place.

Happy Cleaning!!

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