What Can Restaurants Implement To Ensure Mums Are Celebrated On Mother’s Day?

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When you think of Mother’s Day, you may think of giving your mum a card, a phone call or some kind of gift to let them know you care. But, do you even know why Mother’s Day came about and how it became a national holiday? You may be surprised to learn that Mother’s Day isn’t something that just recently came about.

History Of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a tradition going back centuries – all the way to the times of the Romans and Greeks where festivals were held to honor the mother goddesses Cybele and Rhea. The current tradition of honoring mothers can be attributed to Anna Jarvis, who in 1908 set up the first official celebration at a Grafton, West Virginia Methodist Church.

Jarvis never had children herself but wanted to see the day became a holiday on the national calendar. She felt the current holidays were male-centric and began a large letter writing campaign to politicians and newspapers, asking for help to adopt a day mothers would be honored.  Jarvis’ dedication reaped rewards in 1914 when it was announced by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson that Mother’s Day would be held on the second Sunday in May.

It wasn’t long before card companies, candy makers, florists and even restaurants used the holiday to shower mum with love and affection.

This is why restaurants offer the kind of deals they do on Mother’s Day.  Many go above and beyond to treat all moms on their special day.  Many restaurant owners offer promotions, decorate the restaurant and more to give Mum the kind of “treat” and “good time” she deserves. After all, a Mum isn’t just a Mum – she’s everything rolled into one.

What Are Some Restaurant Marketing Ideas To Consider For This Mother’s Day?

There are all kinds of marketing gimmicks a restaurant can implement on Mother’s Day. Remember, many families take their mothers out on this special day – to ensure they have a day of being waited on and food brought to them. However, you can go above and beyond the “hand waiting and food serving” by giving them something more along with their food.

One idea is to create something new for moms only. A menu just for them that includes foods of all types. For example, you can include a seafood meal with two side fixings, a salad and dessert for a set price. Or, you can do a special chicken meal with two side fixings, bread and dessert. You can set up a promotion for a Mother’s Day brunch that includes something new on it as well. You can also create a free buffet for moms only dinner.

There are all kinds of “Mum’s Only” menu ideas you can create.

Any of the following techniques are also useful to celebrate Mum’s special day.

  • Free drinks and dessert
  • Free flowers
  • Free chocolates
  • 20 percent discount for women
  • Free gift cards

Special Mother’s Day Events In Your Restaurant

Yes, the biggest reason a family will bring Mum to the restaurant is to buy her a good meal. However, make it an even better one by including an event she is bound to remember with her food.  What kinds of ideas could you implement in your restaurant?

Local Music – Many guests love going to dinner where music or a local band is playing. By choosing a musician for that day, you’re bound to get more customers in the door that covers the musician’s fee.  It also gives moms a chance to listen to some good music while they eat. .

Local Comedians – People love to laugh, so why not hire a comedian to come in and tell a few jokes for moms on her special day? If you’re lucky, they may have a few jokes about Moms and the life they are living.  Steer clear of obscene comedians, as you want to make things light-hearted on this special day.

Wine Tasting – For moms who love to drink a little wine, consider holding a wine tasting especially for them. Many moms, at the end of their busy day, like to relax with a glass of wine before bed and doing the day all over again. Be sure to reach out to your supplier more than a week before the event to ensure you’ll have enough wine on hand for the day and if you can get any discounts for promoting their wine to your customers.

Decorating Your Restaurant For The Day

When decorating your restaurant for the special day, use nice, springtime colors. This means adding flowers – lots of flowers to the business. Consider pink, orange or red flowers to decorate your restaurant in. You can combine colors to create a cheerful, relaxing look.

Talk with your supplier about getting some Mother’s Day holiday supplies such as candlesticks, candles, tablecloths and napkins. You can also decorate one chair at each table for mum, making sure to designate it for “Mum.”

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year Mum shouldn’t have to lift a finger. So, when families take Mum out, they’re going to bring her to a restaurant that has taken the time to think about her and how to ensure she has a special day. Be that restaurant that considered what Mum needs and wants on Mother’s Day.

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