Looking for something traditional to share with your customers or family this Easter?

With Easter coming up quite soon there are a number of recipes that are common favorites for restaurants and for individuals hoping to share some of their favorite traditional dishes for the holiday.

Here are some traditional Easter recipes that might help to inspire your menu this Easter.

Traditional baked ham with a mustard glaze

mixing together a maple mustard glaze or a brown sugar and mustard glaze can be a wonderful way that you can get a great recipe for traditional ham. Picking up a fresh ham and then adding your own glaze can make sure that the flavor can go right through the ham while it cooks.

Scalloped potatoes

Scalloped potatoes is another Easter recipe that’s become a favorite. Adding a few different cheeses into this side dish can help to give it a bit of extra variety. Heavy cream, mozzarella, recollect cheeses as well as Parmesan cheese can add an extra creaminess and brand new flavors in these unique Easter recipes.

Leg of lamb

A roasted leg of lamb can also be a traditional dinner time meal during Easter. You could do a roasted lamb, or perhaps try some delicious cutlets. Making a fine herb rub of shallots, dill, parsley, garlic and celery or try out a new recipe that you haven’t tried out before.

Hot Cross Buns

No Easter recipe list would be complete without Hot Cross Buns! Try a traditional recipe with currants and/or raisins, or you can spice it up a little and add some other flavours to make it your own. These days you can get choclate hot cross buns and brioche hot cross buns.

Easter almond bread

Almond bread can be a nice addition for Easter. There are a number of traditional Easter Breads from around the world that feature Almond Flour and Almonds in general. Have a read of this post from thekitchn that features 15 Easter Breads from Around the World.
Give some of these Easter recipes a try you are looking for some exciting new dishes for this upcoming Easter.

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