Valentine’s day is a special day for many of us around the globe, and for those in the hospitality industry it is also a big night, as many couples go on a dinner date to celebrate the day dedicated to love and romance.

With Valentine’s Day literally around the corner, here are a few quick ideas to turn your dining area into something a little bit special for your guests.

1. Add some colour!

What colours do you think of when you think about love, romance, or Valentine’s day? Why red and pink of course! So get out your red and pink decorations, fabrics and more.

Why not recycle and re-use? If you have some red/pink/purple and silver or gold baubles why not put them in a jar along with some cute props.
I found this pretty mantle  from Marty’s Musings.

No baubles? No worries!!

How about some cute lollies or beads?

2. Flowers Flowers Flowers!!

Roses are the flower of love, but don’t let that stop you from buying or picking other beautiful flowers for your centerpieces. Peonies, tulips and anything pink, red or purple will make a beautiful centerpiece or decoration.

Want fake flowers instead of real ones?

Try Kmart, Spotlight, Lincraft or your local dollar store to find some great deals on fake flowers.


Scroll through these cute ideas for recycling mason jars or your average jar..

No mason jars on hand, how about upcycling some empty wine bottles?

All you need is some paint and some accessories, you could try twine, ribbon or sparkles.

You can grab 3 metres of twinkle lights perfect for this kind of thing from Kmart for $5.

Grab some heart & lettering stickers from your local dollar or craft store and it won’t even take that long to get your wine bottles decorated.



3. Ignite the flame of passion…(not fire)

There is nothing quite as nice as a candle lit dinner. So why not grab a few candles?

You can go for something store bought like this pink water lilly and lotus fragranced candle from Kmart.

Or if you are a bit concerned about the fire risk, check out these LED candles from Kmart for $10 – they change colours and won’t catch on fire (you hope)!

Alternatively, you can get those battery powered tealight candles from most dollar stores and Kmart.

Here are a few cheap and quick ideas that you can re-create with a candle, jar, or other crafty bits and pieces:

4.Picture frames and chalk boards

How about some cute picture frames or a chalk board with a cute Valentine’s day or romantic quote?

Want some quotes you can print and add to a frame? If you do a quick Google Search you can find a whole bunch of cute and romantic quotes to use.

Just for you, here are two custom made images you can download and print off.

5. Decorative pieces where to get them?

Want to buy a few already made things that you can just put together?

Here are a few different things you can get from Kmart, Spotlight or Typo to create a romantic mood:

For more inspiration check out our Pintrest Board.