With Mother’s Day closely approaching we thought we would talk about what you can do as a café or restaurant owner to make a mark on the day and your customers. What can you do to make their time with you extra special, and at the same time increase awareness of your business?

Firstly, social media is a big draw card that you should take advantage of. As a consumer, we want to share our experiences and snap that perfect picture, so why not give your customers that great photo opportunity?

I have provided some ideas and inspiration for you when you set up for Mother’s Day below.

Setting the scene

Often when we think of Mother’s Day we think of pink and white, however there is no right or wrong. Pick a colour scheme that will suit your place; here are a few that I like for Mother’s Day:

Have a look at designseeds’ Instagram for more colour inspiration: https://www.instagram.com/designseeds/

The Table Setting

People are visual which is why Instagram has taken off like it has. We like to look at beautiful things and colours. So, make an impression with your table layout and décor.

Here are a few snaps of some pretty table settings from around the web, make it as elaborate as these or scale it back for something simpler.

Mothers day inspiration table setting

Image Courtesy of JoyTheBaker

Image Courtesy of notey

Image Courtesy of HouseBeautiful

Image Courtesy of Country Living

Obviously, you can’t have Mother’s Day without flowers, so I thought I would share with you a few flowers and their meanings. Perhaps you might be able to add a little intrigue by sharing the meaning of the flowers on little place cards on the table. Or maybe choose one and theme your café or restaurant around the flower and theme your menu around it.

1. Carnations
In America, Mother’s Day initially became a national holiday after a woman called Anna Jarvis who sent 500 white carnations to her local church for the mothers in attendance. Now signifying purity, faith, love, beauty and charity, Carnations are traits thought to represent the virtues of motherhood.

2. Gerbera Daisies
Cheerful and colourful gerberas symbolise innocence, purity, and beauty. However, due to their bright and cheery colours they also represent cheerfulness.

3. Tulips
Tulips are lovely and fresh looking flowers that have come to symbolise comfort and happiness.

4. Azaleas
Azaleas are a renowned Chinese Symbol for womanhood and azaleas are celebrated annually by cultures globally for its association with love.

5. Daylilies
In Egypt, Greece and Rome, brides were often given a crown of lilies in hope of a pure and fruitful life. Often associated with femininity, the lily was also known as the fragrance for love because the romans would use lilies to fill pillows and quilts because of its sweet scent.

6. Gardenias
Gardenias are a beautiful flower that is popular in Australian gardens and can be given potted. They symbolise purity, love and refinement.

The Details

Most people appreciate the details. The time, effort and patience put into something makes a big difference. As well as having a great menu and tasty food, you need to plate the dish to ensure that it also looks beautiful.

Make the atmosphere and décor a part of the experience your customers will remember and take a photo of. Appeal to your audience and enable them to take gorgeous photos to post on social networks and share with their friends and family.

By spending a little time planning and decorating, you can ensure your restaurant or café will be prominent and promoted on social media. Enabling your customers to take shareable photos, will go a long way to boosting customer satisfaction and awareness of your café or restaurant.

You could also try hosting a competition of sorts – something like, take a photo in the café/restaurant on Mother’s Day and go in the draw to win a free dinner/meal/beverage/etc.


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